When is it time to consider Bespoke Software Development?

When is it time to consider Bespoke Software Development?



Firstly, let’s start by understanding what we mean when we say, “Bespoke Software” which means it has been created and tailored to fit the needs of the client and their business model.  It should fulfil business requirements and expectations, that’s why when being created by the development team the software should demonstrate a specific set of solutions to accommodate the business processes.

Bespoke software is the opposite of off-the-shelf software (OTS). Initially costing less, off-the-shelf software is more generic and may not suit the needs of many companies.  It often requires more time for business owners and employees to adapt their processes to work around the software. These workarounds will eventually result in a costly loss of productivity and time.

Advantages to a business whilst using Bespoke Software:

  • Customisation – Exclusively made for your business, no one else will be using the same software; therefore, giving your company a competitive edge.
  • Cost saving over time – Initially, the cost may be higher than OTS software, but over time – you will reap the savings with processes taking a shorter time to complete.
  • Secure software – Custom software reduces the chances of intrusion as during creation it considers risk areas and identifies weak aspects that you may have not noticed before.
  • Reliability – Bespoke software is considered more reliable as it is designed to fit your business needs down to the finest detail.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance – Unlike OTS, bespoke software usually comes with a designated support team to assist you, should you encounter any issues.
  • Flexibility for scaling up – Business environments are always changing and adjusting to keep up with the current market; bespoke software can be tailored to fit needs if they ever change. Add-ons and new features can accommodate your requests to support the growing demands of your business.
  • Increased productivity – You will almost immediately see an increase in productivity with some tasks now being automated and as employees spend less time on daily operations, they will be able to complete more work or free up time to work on other aspects of the business.

When should you consider Bespoke Software?

If your business is thriving and working well with OTS, then ultimately it doesn’t make sense to commission a new piece of software.

Bespoke software is a beneficial investment for any size business; a lot of people believe only large companies need bespoke software, but this is far from the truth. Any business with complex processes and specific requirements will benefit from using bespoke software tailored to their needs. Not only will you achieve a time-saving cost, but you will also see that customer satisfaction and workforce productivity improve.

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Date: March 6, 2023

Author: Morris

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