Construction: Project Synchronicity

Construction: Project Synchronicity


Magnetar solutions lead the way in streamlined site management

Project Synchronicity: The Discovery Phase

Project Synchronicity is a multi-phase tech solution project to streamline and synchronise multiple construction sites across Greater London. Designed and developed by Magnetar.

Project Synchronicity is a multi-phase tech solution project to streamline and synchronise multiple construction sites across Greater London. Designed and developed by Magnetar.

Efficient project management and coordination of materials, workers and subcontractors in the construction sector is notoriously complex. The client on Project Synchronicity manages over 80 council construction sites across Greater London at any given time. They currently work actively with over 50 subcontractors, each of whom may use another 150 operatives, either sole traders or small limited companies. A lot of people to keep track of. Traditionally, tracking compliance and health and safety certification for each of those operatives was done using Excel spreadsheets. The system was cumbersome, prone to data entry error and usually slightly behind what was actually happening ‘on the ground’.

An unlicensed operative is an uninsured operative, which can have major legal repercussions for a site manager. The implication of just one operative arriving onsite without their correct parking permit or a current health and safety certificate can be immense. Complex construction projects can burn through money very fast. The project management of large construction sites requires complete synchronicity of resources so everything is together at the right time, in the right order.

Magnetar was tasked with finding a better way to manage project workflow using digital technology.

Project Synchronicity: Design phase

Magnetar designed and built a completely bespoke app around the specific requirements of the client’s construction industry. The app flags up which licenses are nearing end of life, or actually expired and confirms which operatives are fully licensed and can be scheduled for work.

This unique ‘early-warning’ app benefits both operative and project managers. The app triggers notifications of imminent expiry one month and one week before – so there are no nasty surprises for anyone managing a busy construction site. 

Migrating from a spreadsheet to a customised, cloud-based app is just the start of the 1 year Project Synchronicity. With remote workforces operating at multiple sites, managing resources and people quickly and efficiently is critical. The new app is now being configured to create and resource jobs across the entire workforce. Each operative will be able to check the app on their Smartphone, see at a glance which site they are working at and for how long and invoice correctly. The Magnetar app creates customised, personal workflows for every member of the team.

At a glance, the app dashboard shows which operatives are ‘greenlit’ and ready to work and which require immediate action to renew licenses. No more missed emails, expired licenses or slow-running construction sites.

The Project Synchronicity app was designed, built and deployed in just 4 weeks.  It enables proactive, agile management, rather than continual firefighting.

And the results: multiple sites running in synchronicity

The first phase of Project Synchronicity was rolled out in the summer of 2021; perfect timing for the current construction industry boom. The final phase will see every person involved in site management being able to check the app on a daily, even hourly basis for a live update of what is actually happening at over 70 sites across Greater London.

Already, projects are running more smoothly, workers arrive in the right place at the right time with the right documentation. Efficiency, productivity and employee job satisfaction are up by 30% at some key sites.

Project Synchronicity has given the client the capability to handle the continuing property and construction boom. Magnetar is creating an app-driven workflow of information between operative, site manager, project manager and all departments.

“This solution means that information is flowing through an intelligent, responsive system without the need for human intervention. Fewer emails, no spreadsheets, multiple efficiencies. Complete synchronicity – just around the corner.” Lewis Jenkins, Founder, Magnetar

Magnetar was founded by Lewis and Rafael, two individuals who just love technology and enjoy creating and configuring bespoke IT. “We founded Magnetar on the belief that every business with ambition and enterprise deserves affordable IT, customised to its workflow. We combine the best IT tools on the market with custom coding and cloud-based solutions to create truly bespoke solutions.” A Magnetar solution is based on making the software fit the business, not the business fit the software.

Date: September 1, 2021

Author: Lewis

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