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Communicating has never been easier or more cost effective than now. The advent of the digital era has allowed us to converse, hold meetings, host events and exchange data and information from the comfort of our desks, wherever we may be.

We configure networks to enable that exchange of information and communication in a cost effective and reliable way. It improves productivity, saves costs and creates an environment in which everyone can respond quickly and accurately. The net result is a more efficient way of working, less need for travel, which is good for the planet, and enhanced, more accurate and timely customer service.

Our networking and telecoms service includes:

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP systems allow calls to be made via the internet rather than traditional telephone lines. This technology creates a unified communications system bringing together multiple channels by which to communicate.

Most VoIP calls are free when made internally within the organisation, and business contracts are significantly cheaper than traditional land line call and line rental charges. They offer the opportunity for considerable cost savings, and for streamlining communications such as call steering.

We will ensure that a VoIP system for your organisation is configured to work best with your business structure and communication framework.

At the hub of the business is its network. It channels systems, processes, communications, data and security protection interventions all day every day. We use our expertise to create a network set up that performs seamlessly and is capable of managing the extent of data exchange needed to run your business.

Reliability is our number one priority when specifying network set ups. They need to be robust, resilient to security threats, and integrate well with all the workings of the business. Our network management service includes regular reviews to adapt, scale up if necessary and ensure that your network set up continues to work as efficiently as possible.

Network infrastructure is the configuration of all of the hardware equipment and software applications that your business needs to run its vital functions.

The Discovery phase of our consultation with you allows us to find out all we need to know to understand the internal workings of your business so we can design and install a

network infrastructure that supports its functions and is scalable to ensure it is fit for any future growth.

Some examples of the type of infrastructure we help our clients with are

  • Routers
  • Cabling
  • Wireless LAN equipment
  • Switches
  • Hubs
  • Proxies
  • WiFi
  • Load Balancers
  • Firewalls and security
  • VPN’s
  • Intrusion Detection and prevention systems
  • Network Monitoring Systems

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