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Whilst the digital era has delivered a multitude of benefits for business, it has also opened up new threats regarding safeguarding of data. Not only would a data breach be bad for your reputation, it may also result in hefty fines from regulators.

Security is always a priority for us. Your industry sector will have its own specific regulations and compliance requirements. We tailor our business reliance strategy to those regulations and identify potential weak spots, taking action to build a controlled data environment.

Using robust technological protection, we’ll implement authorised access levels and secure data storage to guard against:

  • Cyber crime
  • Loss of data
  • Disgruntled employees (or ex-employees)
  • Data breach
  • Ransom demands
  • Accidental data exposure

An important part of our Disaster Recovery Plan is promoting awareness of the threats to business continuity that might exist. This is the first step towards protecting the business against any possible eventualities.

For example, what happens if:

  • There is a flood, fire or other natural event outside of your control?
  • You are unable to gain access to your usual working premises?
  • There is a power outage?
  • Authorisation access details have fallen into the wrong hands?
  • Your website is hacked?

Once potential threats have been identified, we systematically address those weak points with strategies including back up plans, contingencies and enhanced security measures. This is a thorough process, and once complete will not only give you peace of mind but will put your business in a strong position in the face of any mishap, purposeful attack or natural disaster.

It will also serve to prove data compliance and adherence to regulations where necessary.

Any Disaster Recovery Plan should be reviewed regularly, to identify any new threats, and reassess the security needs of all aspects of the business. This is part of the Magnetar maintenance contract, giving you peace of mind for the long term.

Where would your business be without its data? Finance, production, marketing, sales, IT – all departments function using data. Without it there wouldn’t be a business. Its protection therefore is of utmost importance, and why we have a robust backup policy that’s fit for purpose.

We’ll examine your current arrangements, and modify them where necessary, to ensure you have the best back up policy and arrangements to give your business full protection. This will include arranging for off-site back-ups – an often overlooked aspect of a truly robust back up policy.

We’re not afraid to ask searching questions to make sure we identify where your weaknesses are, and make recommendations to mitigate those risks. Finally, we’ll put back-up arrangements in place and continue to manage and maintain this as your trusted partner, offering you peace of mind, while you focus on running your business.

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