How to escape the painful “Systems Trap”

How to escape the painful “Systems Trap”


Running your own business isn’t always a walk in the park, you may find yourself wondering how you can I manage your team to ensure that they deliver their very best standard of work? Some days you may also find your day consumed by repeatedly fixing small errors that others have made due to your higher standards of working.

Maybe you were hoping that by this stage of your business you would be sunning yourself somewhere hot, spending more time with your family or focusing on selling your business which is the reason you hired team members. If you’re thinking “this sounds like my business” then you have fallen into the malfunctioning system trap!

How do businesses fall into the malfunctioning systems trap?

Most business owners unwittingly fall into the trap, and once in there it is hard to get out without some perseverance.  A lot of team members only see their role as the most important within the business.  Thinking outside the box and how things can affect others job roles, and the repercussions simply does not cross their minds.

An example of this; the Accounts Assistant would of be thinking of tasks from a finance perspective and a Sales Representative would only think from a client’s perspective when selling.  If your team members are limited to thinking only of their own roles it breaks the chain of working together, resulting in a knock-on effect for other team members, and ultimately the business.

How to get your systems functioning again

  • Try to revamp your systems and processes for a smoother workflow.
  • Use your own knowledge about your business, and your clients to teach others.
  • Focus on a sturdy structure then your team members will fit in around this – not the other way around.
  • Remember it is your business and if something is not working or flowing correctly then change it!
  • Your systems are the foundations to your business, team members may come and go. To keep your business running smoothly ensure your systems are strong.


In a nutshell to remain free from the systems trap you need to take control of your processes and systems first.  Build those solid foundations along with an effective workflow.   That way your team members will then follow the work methods that are in place.  In return your business will run like a well-oiled machine and achieve a high standard of client delivery.

Date: August 16, 2021

Author: Morris

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